Saturday, January 14, 2012

The "witch"

So I think I finally have my witch all dished out here are my roughs and my final with a cool pick of the three of them in a jail line up... don't ask why? :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Story

Hansel and Gretel are wondering through an uncharted forest when they begin smelling some pleasant cat food. the arrive at the conclusion that nothing bad could happen to them in this beautiful forest, and begin to search for the source of the smell. They come across an old rundown shack that aside from the delicious smell looks relatively deserted. they head to the porch to chow down on some delicious cat food. That's when things go bad...


This is a little out of order but here are my reference materials.


Here we have the first ever Hansel drawing I did. I wanted him laid back and cool to compliment the ridged Gretel.

Here are a few poses I did where Hansel has more of a curve to his body. It was pointed out to me that he is off balance and had the same issue of body structure that Gretel had.

Here's Hansel with his hands in his cat pockets.

This is by far my favorite picture of Hansel to date.

And this is his close up.


Here are my original sketches for Gretel. I wanted to go with cats because I feel they, as animated characters, can express tons of emotions. so without further adieu here they are:

This one is the very first sketch and gave me sort of a feel for the direction I wanted to head

Here are the designs I had shown Brian. He suggested I try to put a skeleton inside of the character to sort out the discrepancies with the legs and jaw.

This is the skeleton I came up with that fixes said problems.
And this is my final layout on top of the skeleton. Because it is to human proportions, the legs seem to long in this sketch, but they do attach better then in the previous sketches.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my FIRST post

Here it is, for the up and coming hansel and gretel assignment that I apparently do not know how to spell, my blog has begun. I will update frequently with the work done for the final assignment.

take care Luke